Three Steps to Simplify your Business



I am forever raving on to anyone that will listen about simplifying business processes.  ‘What does it mean?’ I hear you ask… Simplifying your business processes basically means breaking down all of the tasks you have to complete on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual basis – and creating a system to complete all of those tasks on time and with the least amount of stress as possible.

This means that you know exactly what tasks you need to complete on a daily basis, knowing that everything that needs to be done for your business to function, grow and make money is taken care of.  I go into a lot more detail during my coaching program, but following these simple steps will help you gain more clarity and be insanely productive in your business.  Ready?  Let’s get started…

Step 1:  This is the most time consuming step, but the most important.  You will need a large sheet of paper and some coloured pens/highlighters.  This is the breakdown phase.

First, I want you to write down every task that needs to be completed within your business.  I’ve created a sample list below:

  • Publish a weekly blog post
  • Create Instagram graphics/quotes
  • Schedule Social Media updates
  • Client calls

Make sure you include everything.  You may want to do this over a number of days so that you don’t forget anything – but you can always add to it at a later date – this is a working document.  Once you have completed your list, highlight all of the tasks in each area of your business in a different colour.  For example, all tasks relating to social media are yellow and all tasks relating to sales are blue…

Step 2:  Now that you have all of your tasks and your business areas, we can move on to breaking down each task.  Choose a task and list underneath all of the steps involved in the process.  For example to publish a weekly blog post, I need to choose a subject, do some research, draft the post, proofread the post, create the graphics… etc.

Do this for every one of the tasks you identified in step 1.

Step 3:  Now comes the fun part – planning!  All of those steps you need to go through to complete your task need a due date.  Some of these will be obvious… If you publish a blog post every Wednesday, you know you will have to complete most of the steps before Wednesday – so get out your planner or open up your calendar and start scheduling in those steps and tasks.  Make sure you highlight each task with the relevant colour, so that when you glance at your calendar/planner you can easily see what area of your business you are working on.

Now, you have a simplified plan for your business.  If you follow your schedule and complete each step on the day and time you assigned for it, you can be confident that everything your business needs to run smoothly is getting done.

If you have more than one team member in your business, make sure you delegate the tasks appropriately and your team members know what they need to do and when.  I use Asana to schedule all of my business processes.  You can easily sync to your iCal or Google Calendar and it makes it easy to delegate to your team members and see where they are up to on each task or project.  I’ve got a post coming up that goes into more detail about how I use Asana, so keep your eyes peeled.

Let me know how you get on with simplifying your business processes and if you have any questions or need help with anything, drop me an email!

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