5 Tips to Kick-Start Your Morning


Master your morning with these five tips and you will soon be jumping out of bed ready to kick-start your day…

Start with exercise: Just 5-10 minutes of exercise in your morning routine will boost you for the rest of the day.  Whether that be some gentle yoga or a full-on HIIT session, you’ll be bursting with energy to carry you through the rest of the day.

Drink lots of water: I’m a coffee addict and I can’t start my day without at least two or three cups of the good stuff, but going through your day dehydrated is going to make you feel sluggish.  Try to drink a glass of water before your first coffee, then a glass in between each cup…  You’ll notice a huge difference in your energy, focus and complexion!

Write in your journal or do morning pages:  When you first wake up, you haven’t yet turned on your inner-editor and it will be much easier to write down your thoughts.  Write down anything that comes to mind for a set period of time – say 5/10 minutes.  Not only will you be able to catch all those killer ideas, you’ll also feel less stressed.

Plan your day:  If you use a planner, make good use of it – if you don’t, get one!  Planning your day makes sure you know what you need to do, when and how.  So, if you feel a bit restless, or lose focus, take a look at your plan and follow through on your daily goals.

Dress appropriately:  This tip is more for the home-workers.  Yes, it’s a perk of the job that you can lie on the sofa in your coffee-stained pj’s while working away on your laptop.  But, it doesn’t make you feel very good about yourself, does it?  If you get up, have a shower, brush your hair and put on your business attire, you feel more professional – and will act more professional.  It will give you more confidence when talking to prospective clients – I mean, how confident can you feel in a onesie?

Try and put these five tips to the test this week – Use the free printable I’ve created for you to record your new morning routine and let me know how it went.

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